Teaching your Children to Read using Phonics

Teaching your Children to Read using Phonics

Reading is a paramount resource for anyone. Not only does it allow us to be part of the working world, but regarding health, it reduces stress, prevents cognitive deterioration and improves sleep, which results in a better mood, less illness, and better social relations. In short, reading can make us have a better quality of life.

But being good readers requires fostering the habit early, and an appreciation for doing it, and to achieve this, the best thing to do is start at a very young age. It does not mean that adults can no longer improve their reading skills, but children have the ability to learn thing for life and create habits that, if done correctly, will bring them many benefits.

For many years, children have been taught to learn words through sight and memorization, which can lead to stress and frustration.

Do you remember with what method you learned when you started reading? Are you an assiduous reader now with an extensive knowledge of works and authors? Research has confirmed that with those techniques used for many years is not always possible to develop an efficient reading ability, and therefore, the understanding and fluency in texts is limited. A bad technique is not fun for any child, and for this reason, the habit of reading becomes difficult to acquire for most of us. It is enough to remember the statistics of reading in adults to corroborate the situation.
In the United States, grade 4 students on average can not read at a proficient level according to their age.
With a proper teaching method, young kids will develop a devotion to reading and parents will not have to encourage them to perform this activity which some feel like a tedious task that they will end up avoiding.
With a proper teaching method, young kids will develop a devotion to reading and parents will not have to encourage them to perform this activity which some feel like a tedious task that they will end up avoiding.

The American Association of Pediatrics pointed out that promoting the habit of reading from an early age improves not only the reading ability but also the integral development of the child. Many prefer physical books, but on the Internet, there are many good books to read. According to the preferences of the kid, you can find some reading material which interests him and in any platform.

Research has proven that children’s reading brings significant benefits such as exercising the brain, developing the imagination, gaining knowledge about the world, learning values, improving concentration and attention, fostering curiosity, improving school performance and expanding the lexicon. It is worth mentioning that a larger reading time will develop better spelling capabilities.

With this, we do not mean isolating children from their peers or leave them aside for the recreational activities that also complement to their development, improve their motor skills and reinforce their communicative and social abilities. Reading will be something they choose to do for pleasure when they feel the desire to do so. Maybe they’d rather take a book instead to watch an hour of television or lose half an hour of video games to discover what happened to the main character of their book, and that’s a great thing. Reading awakens feelings, sensations, and reactions.

Books about animals, nature, crafts, family, friendship and many other topics are used to create an essential education in the child, with important foundations to make them better adults, and thus, to enable them to continue with the same educational practice for generations.
Since the age of three, or even a little earlier, a parent can encourage their child to begin exploring the world of letters step by step, through shapes and sounds. But there is no problem if your child is a little older and has problems reading or understanding the story; There is enough material for children of all ages and interests to work with your kid.
Lacking information about what technique is the most appropriate is not a problem either as there is plenty of information about the best learning methods, but it is important to mention that the role of the parents is predominant in this process. The patience and quality of time devoted to the process will be evident in the results, besides that the affective bonds with your kids will be much stronger.



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