Teach your Child to Read from 3 to 5 Years Old

If you are a person who loves reading and you want your child to have the same passion, you can guide him through this process into an environment full of sounds, colors, and shapes that make him feel comfortable and happy.

Some parents think that this could have negative consequences when trying to overtake him at this age, but it is not. Exercises to introduce him to the world of reading can be as fun as watching television, but with effects that will help him for life. Without a doubt, regular exercises will also help him get started in writing.

These activities can be done daily for a time of less than an hour or several times a week, but it is important not to abandon the practice. It is recommended to change dynamics so that the child does not get bored with the routine.

Exercises to introduce him to the world of reading can be as fun as watching television.

Some of our suggestions are:

Use children’s books where the letters are not much, but the drawings and colors are plentiful; they are excellent tools to start.

Also, another technique consists in writing the name of the child on paper in capital letters and use cardboard figures to make letters of the alphabet with which he will play to look for the same letters of his name to form it. Months later, write the name and surname of the child also in capital letters so that he can read it. In the next stage, he should learn the name of his parents and siblings. When you least expect it, he will look for words to keep playing.

Playing riddles with words your child uses frequently is a very effective method. What letter begins with m-m-mom? Once you guess, repeat some other simple words that begin with that same letter to expand their lexicon.

There are excellent dynamics online to strengthen their literacy by combining sounds, movements, flashy colors and characters that catch the attention of children. The time they spend in front of the computer or tablet will depend on the parents, but it is recommended not to exceed that time. If you strictly set a time of use, it will be easier to remove it from the device when the time is right.

Chalkboards are part of the old school, but this is how many of us learned to read and write. You can draw a flower and write “I love you” so that the moment you ask what does it say here? Together discover the words. Then change the roles and show what you want to express.

It may seem like something unnecessary or a little early, but teach him to respect the books. We know they are at an age where their curiosity leads them to destroy, disarm, scratch, bite, pull or break things, but with soft words, we can get them to understand. Nothing happens if they fail to obey initially; Every teaching process is arduous but very rewarding.

Literature for kids.

If during these steps you notice that your child begins to practice reading on his own, you should continue reading to avoid losing the habit. Many parents, lose interest and then the child do it as well.

It is not wrong if their first books are about imaginary creatures because they develop their imagination, but it is essential to have books that show the diversity of the real world, such as different cultures, family members, animals, etc. A trip to Africa (or any other region), and social relationships (camping with friends, a day at school, etc.)

“They will have time to learn to read at school” is one of the most common phrases of adults on the subject of reading to small kids. Teaching children to read before they learn at school is not unreasonable or abusive. Family bonds will be stronger, and the child will learn while having fun.

Some experts think that after two years of age, a child has enough brain development to process reading information and relate it to a meaning, so at the age of three, it is an excellent time to start with the recommended activities.