How to Teach a Child to Read

Patience and love are fundamental in any stage of your child development. Reading is the entrance to the world of knowledge where a kid will develop imagination and creativity. However, this process must be done step by step. Just like when babies first learn to crawl, then to walk and then to run, you will see the evolution in some capabilities, as long as their physical abilities allow them. The first thing that you have to observe is that your son has the necessary maturity to incorporate reading into his learning.

During this process, the brain requires both hemispheres where they work together to observe, recognize and give meaning. That is why from the age of two, some children identify their favorite toy or bottle. If you want to teach a child to read from 3 to 4 years old, you need to have large and age-appropriate images with discernible letters and attractive typeface, since the size of the regular books is very small, not suitable for this step. The first step in introducing a child to reading is when the adult takes a children’s book home and begins to read to motivate their interest. It is most likely that the kid will be curious and he will approach to see what draws so much attention to the reader.

Reading is the entrance to the world of knowledge where a kid will develop imagination and creativity.

Other recommendations you should keep in mind are:

– Only use the personal topics of interest of the child; which will help to keep his attention. – Their level of maturity. It does not matter if you are starting at three, four, five years or more. Each child is different and needs some characteristics to start reading. – Identify what dynamics are most enjoyed by the little while learning. You can modify or vary some of them, as long as you observe that they are easy to perform. – The adult’s attitude towards the child must be energetic and assertive to give him the confidence required in the process. Uncertain repetitions will create insecurity, and the child will not want to continue participating. Remember that continuous stimulation will motivate them to keep learning.

Reading to children according to their age

If your child is one year old or a little older, start by showing him cardboard pictures, as well as books with songs and do not forget to mention words. Even if he does not understand meanings at that moment, the stimulus of language will help. From little more than a year to the age of three, use books with rhymes, books with songs and short stories. From three to five years old, include alphabet books, books with songs and slightly more elaborate rhymes, as well as materials with photographs where he can recognize figures that he has seen around (animals, fruits, clothing, etc.)

Stimulating language in children.

Reading at an early age does not mean altering their childhood or taking away the priceless moments of performing other activities especially those that improve their motion skills. There is time for everything. Child pedagogy experts point out that a young child who knows how to read feels more confident and is better prepared for the next levels of learning that he will face, such as writing. Also, learning moments between mother-child, father-son, older siblings, younger siblings or the whole family will reinforce family bonds, and the child will grow up in a more harmonious and happy environment, something that undoubtedly impacts on their mood, behavior, and concentration. Trying it can bring great benefits, and if you notice that your child does not have the required maturity, it is not a problem, the following months or the next year will be perfect for him, just give him some time and do not pressure him to read.