10 Advantages of Reading for Kids

Why a book is always an appropriate gift? Because it’s nice, long lasting, has intrinsic value, doesn’t ever expire and can be a great present. “Books are lasting friends, the easiest to achieve, the wisest advisers and the most effective teachers.” Reading at an early age is paramount.

1. Reading reduces Stress.

When kids read, they are still and stop the usual agitation. They are comfortable and most of the times sit while reading. Their bodies are not moving, it is a break during the day. In consequence their breathing slows down they get relaxed. While reading they cannot think in other tasks, tablets or cell phones. Because all these reasons, reading does not reduce anxiety.

2. Reading increases vocabulary.

It has been shown that book readers have a richer vocabulary, therefore for them is easier to find the best way of communicating with others, which will bring several benefits. Generally, as more they read, the more extended use of language the have. Furthermore, some books are a treasure of knowledge!

3. Reading stimulates imagination.

While reading, kids are only restricted by their imagination limits. When they read about unknown places, their mind creates imaginative images in their heads, rather than just saving images from little screens, phones or television. Therefore, the imagination and creativity of their minds are improved by reading.

4. Reading generates new ideas.

Reading encourages us to believe. Sometimes, we even begin dreaming according to the content we consume. In addition, reading gives us new views and perspectives, which the reader might not have thought before! Thus, through reading, we get fresh ideas and inspiration, so that we might try something different or new, motivated by the text that we read.

5. Reading improves focus and concentration.

While reading, kids concentrate their thoughts on the narrative of the book or anything included in the content of the book. They usually read longer than they do other tasks and unlike other activities, they do not have parallel thoughts or “other pictures” in their minds, which give them better concentration. While they advance reading, they will have more focus. Reading requires attention, therefore, reading for fun and comfort is an investment in your capacity to focus and it is consequently, a basis for successful learning. Steps to teach to read.

6. Reading enhances their memory

While reading, kids usually have more time to think about the items they just read. Reading books offers them the opportunity to reflect on the content they read. This isn’t possible during a film or listening to the radio.

7. Reading improves their language skills.

Reading a text involves more effort at the beginning, but it is makes their language skills much better. Understanding written text, sometimes requires interpreting the elements on it, sometimes they need to find a word in the dictionary, however they usually can understand what is happening just from the context.

8. Reading gives them life experience.

It’s true that real life gives them the best experience, but it’s impossible in everyday life to be everywhere and also to test out everything. Humans are the only species on Earth that may transmit data and knowledge over a distance and through time. The transmission of knowledge separates us from all other species! It allowed us to gain knowledge quickly and develop faster, which in the age of technological progress already surpasses the limits of imagination. So mankind has been developing for thousands of years by reading!

9. Reading makes them smarter.

Books are a real treasure trove of data and fresh knowledge and are much cheaper than classes and education. We become smarter by studying books, more intriguing and attractive. By studying you will become better in communicating, you will improve your knowledge on various topics as well as rhetorical skills.

10. Reading is entertained.

Besides all the benefits listed above that reading gives your kids, a book may be a perfect gift for any occasion!